XDubai central app

mobile app design

About the brand

XDubai is a sports hub of the Middle East that promotes sports events and healthy lifestyle through sports events, action sports facilities and sponsoring athletes representing Dubai across the world. 

The challenge

A brand with a very diverse range of things to offer including events, sponsorship, partnered stunts, retail section, parks, and so much more. XDubai had a challenge to streamline it all under one identity and one go-to channel where the brand can cater to its millions of fans with all available facilities. 

The Process

Assessment > Research > Ideation > UX Research > Build (maps & low fidelity wireframes) > Prototype > Testing > UI System > Implementation & Result


We assessed what Xdubai fans, followers and web users need. The brand caters to above a million followers across various digital platforms. But the brand communications were unable to wrap it under one identity.

A singular domain that features the whole picture was missing which was causing loss of user focus and retention.

Key Findings

The users were unable to keep up with what all XDubai does. Communications of a lot of XDubai events such as XYoga was not in coherence with the brand’s lineup.


• We interviewed the event attendees and only 35% could say that the yearly yoga event ‘XYoga’ is an event under XDubai.


• Upon speaking to customers of Dubai marina zipline, we found out that barely only 27% of the customers knew that the zipline experience is by Xdubai brand


Each entity was individually running it’s own brand communication, style and web presence and in no way was directing back to the main brand of XDubai,


Upon assessing the results we understood that users will be able to associate brand activities with the main brand when they are able to find all activities, events and facilities provided by xdubai, under one domain.


As a part of creative problem solving process, I designed and proposed a central XDubai app that includes all the elements the brand stands for,  central hub for all XDubai action sports activities including booking for skydiving, zipline and info and registration of xdubai events.

Adding Desirability

To increase the engagement and desirability to the idea, we not only brought xdubai events and experiences under a domain but also included everyday fitness features that retains the customer to come back and use the app on everyday basis. Features like health and fitness tracker, gym workouts, meditation, yoga, running and more retained the users to use the app on everyday basis.



User Interface design and result