Razr – Digital Banking App


Razr is a digital bank product that allows the users to open a new bank account just by few clicks and in minutes. Your new digital bank account comes with various advanced features within the Razr eco-system such as budgeting, expense tracking, investing in limited crypto currencies and more.

More than just a bank

A usual digital bank would allow bank accounts from a certain region or country with Razr all you need is a valid passport and you’re good to open an account. Razr uses additional KYC policies to maintain a promise to security however Razr offers services beyond just banking.

With Razr a customer can use services like instantpay on tap as well as invest in various funds, crypto currencies and mode. The Razr Eco-system is connected to stocks as well as basic cryto currencies (in version 1) like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana and more. This allows the customers to use their funds in more than one way.

Role & Scope of work

Designing and planning from start to end of the product including:
User journey
High-fidelity designs Razr app
Razr website design
Brand design (Identity, Debit cards, Partner store branding)

User flow

User flow


Earnings calculator

Users can instantly calculate the interest they can earn on their savings and fixed deposits over a course of period. This can also be applied for staking interest using crypto currencies.

iOS Mobile App

Easy onboarding, and login via password or facial recognition. With Razr app users can manage their cards, portfolios, initiate transfer and so much more.

Portfolio and market tracking

Manage your portfolio in stocks, crypto currencies, fixed term interests and more, all in one app. Similarly Razr app lets you live track stock market and crypto market prices on the go.


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