“Knowledge is like money: To be of value it must circulate, and in circulating it can increase in quantity and, hopefully, in value.”

― Louis L'Amour,

The mentorship programs are free of cost 1:1 and group sessions focussed around empowering creatives and designers who are looking to pivot and grow in Design industry.

Be it Product design, Branding or Visual communication arts, I work with these creatives on various topics through workshops, courses, portfolio building exercises, portfolio reviews, personal branding, crafting resume all the way to preparing for interviews in design industry.

Besides that I also help founders and team leaders to integrate design-thinking in their organizations and teams and create design-led businesses.

Mentees can book a session from anywhere in the world

For mentorship program I have initially partnered with ADPList.org, a platform that brings-together mentors and mentees from around the world, working in or pivoting into product design and management. Here are some of the mentees I recently worked with.

Book a free session

If you are looking for consultation, guidance or help in any of the following, feel free to book a session.

  • How to design a UX portfolio
  • How to present a UX case study
  • Prepare for a UX Design job interview
  • Consultation for startups
  • Looking for a design mentor
  • Personal branding
  • Pivoting to product design industry

Why did I start mentoring and teaching

The story is simple. I have always been someone who likes to re-invent himself and pivot into a new design medium. When I moved to Product design, unfortunately I didn’t have much in-person guidance besides some (bless them) YouTubers, a few articles and books.

No click-baits, no marketing funnels, I started this journey purely to help the ones who are entering the design (or product design) industry and finding their way. Some of them are students, fresh-grads and others with a decade or more experience in another field and now pivoting into design and product industry. I do this purely to share any practical knowledge I have gained from working in the industry, in different roles, agencies, projects and countries.


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